Deo est

Deanna Kallin

Deo est is a bespoke jewelry line of one of a kind designs for one of a kind women. Troubled by the fact that most women don’t realize their worth, I developed Deo est. Each piece in this collection features antique, vintage and found items that have a story to tell. These items may be worn or may have a missing stone, showing the scars of past experiences. Like each of us, they are imperfect. Redesigned in to new jewelry creations, my designs represent the lives of women. We have each experienced things that have left us scarred, but like my repurposed jewelry designs, those scars only add to our beauty. By wearing my jewelry, my hope is that each woman will feel that it was designed just for her, that time and attention was paid to every detail because she deserves it. That like the piece she wears, she is uniquely and wonderfully made. I want her to be proud of that, I want her to know that she is “more precious than rubies”.

As part of my desire to help every woman know the truth about herself, I am honored to work with the astounding women of Breaking Free. I teach a jewelry class that allows them to explore their creative talents and gives the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial skills. I developed this boutique, “Abundance”, to feature their work and to provide a community of like minded people, passionate about supporting and empowering each other. We support the mission of Breaking Free by donating a percentage of all of our sales back to their programs. We are not only working to create our futures, but helping a group of amazing women create their future. A future full of joy and abundance.