“Abundance” developed through my partnership with Breaking Free. Breaking Free is an organization dedicated to forefronting a movement of freedom for victims of sex-trafficking, releasing them from a life of bondage and oppression into one of safety, restoration and the ability to fly with wings of dignity, truth, and strength.

This partnership began a weekly jewelry class that I teach to the women of Breaking Free with three goals in mind. First,to create a space for like minded women to express creativity, share goals and build community. Second, to experience the healing and therapeutic effects of working with their hands. Finally, in order to create an income stream, this class offers the opportunity to sell their work. Finding a job for many victims of trafficking can be daunting as they may have criminal backgrounds that can prevent them from being hired. We are offering a solution to one of the barriers. Becoming an entrepreneur can empower women; not only are they able to develop something that is their own, they can make money doing it. As we at Breaking Free saw the impact that the jewelry class was making, we began to see a greater opportunity. Thus, the Breaking Free Social Endeavors Program was born.

This program is focused on helping survivors of sex-trafficking develop the skills to build a business. We celebrate the many talents of the women in the program and encourage their development through creative and business development classes. I developed “Abundance” as a platform to support this movement. Here, the survivors are able to feature and sell their work on their boutique page, “Sisters Shop for Freedom”. One hundred percent of the sales from this boutique go directly back to the woman who created the piece.

Get to know these extraordinary women under the “Meet the Artists” tab. Here, each woman is able to share her story. For a woman who has been denied a voice, this is vitally important. For a woman struggling to see her value, a chance to develop something that is truly her own builds her confidence and validates her worth. For a woman who has long been isolated, to experience the power of community builds that success even further.

Abundance, a life full of joy is our goal. And what girl doesn’t want a pretty piece of jewelry?

Deanna Kallin


To learn more about Breaking Free and their mission to end all forms of prostitution and sex trafficking, visit: http://www.breakingfree.net/